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You may have heard of Anonymous through a friend, in the news or through social media. Anonymous includes lawyers, architects, IT specialists, programmers, writers, nurses, waiters, taxi drivers and even government workers. Anonymous is the people. It is not an organization, because there are no leaders. Anonymous is an idea – and if you share that idea, then  Anonymous is you and you are Anonymous. Anons are everywhere – they are your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers. Anonymous is not only a network of hackers – in reality, it includes any citizens who are concerned about the future of this world, sharing a common simple goal, which is freedom for all – from oppression, censorship and unjust laws. Whether you follow the mainstream news or not, it is clear that the direction our country and its leaders are taking is not in the best interest of the citizens. Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, we are granted the right to peacefully protest. On November 5, 2013, we will hold a peaceful protest in Washington D.C. There will be no hate speech, no threats, no violence, no drugs, no vandalism, no alcohol and no disorderly conduct. We simply want to congregate in a large group to protest in solidarity and show our government that we are displeased with their actions – and want to see some changes. We have been promised reform in several areas but have seen few changes that benefit the people.

If you are tired of empty promises, new unconstitutional laws being passed every day, ever-increasing taxes that are only funneled into more wasteful spending and debt we cannot afford or laws that eliminate jobs and increase living expenses, then you are welcome to join. This is a public event. In the short time since it was created, the event is already gaining overwhelming popularity, and many attendees have committed to carpooling. This is an opportunity for you to express your right to free speech while you still have it. This is not a time for violence or causing trouble. This is a time to peacefully show our country’s leaders that we are all tired of the corruption and would like to see them make some positive changes that benefit the struggling people of this weary nation. There is already too much violence and hate in the world as it is, so it is time we stand together as citizens and assemble peacefully. Forget religious affiliations, forget sexual orientation, forget political party affiliation, forget race, forget gender – we are all American citizens and we all want our freedom back. Until we stop dividing ourselves, we can never stand together for the common good of everyone. This event will be a time for everyone to gather peacefully, make friends and make a peaceful, non-violent statement that will hopefully go in the history books as a positive one. Please join the main D.C. Facebook event for updates!

For my friend and creator of The Axis.  I will finish was what you started Evan Batterton

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  1. Reblogged this on Quotidian Wonders and commented:
    Can change really happen? It’s up to us and to the small steps we are willing and able to make. The Anonymous group challenges us to a bigger step.
    Here is what they say: “Remember, remember the 5th of November…”

    • This Comment is that which we are attempting to eliminate. please be the love our land and people so need. we can only emulate what we want….by speaking hate we add to it’s energy. many blessings to you and may peace fill your heart.

  2. Let’s say we will conduct protest and meet together. What next? Government will hear our message and what next…? Actually what we are asking for? Can you make like points what we would like to be changed. Next why we can’t do just our wishes for change and make petition and sign by all interested? There is no difference on the list or on the street those who keep orders will know. They will know even about this message I am sure you are aware about that. Taking people and doing illegal according to government policies gathering will end up for sure with confrontation and possible violence. If you wish to protest and still remain anonymous find people and ask them to organize legal protest. If you will be deny you can think what next. Organizing protest can you take responsibility for anything what will happen to the people. Coops are people to and have families. My question are;

    1.What we what to accomplish? Our program and request for change.
    2.Why we are doing it as you are planing to do it?
    3.Why we are driving our image on movie – very good movie but just movie which promote violence as solutions for problems?
    4.Let’s say we will win – what next what is our proposition for the future? How we will gavern and make new order – what are your propositions to make happier society that we have now?

    I would like to interview you.
    I am independent journalist and writer.
    I am American as well. My grandfather was born in America.
    I was born in Poland but for last 15 years I have been living in Toronto.

    My name is Piotr Grzywacz.

    Please read my book:

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    Do worry you are safe because as far as I know you did not break the law. However you should be fool we are watched and monitored. It is normal you can be anybody and anywhere and your final intention are not known. In any place on this planet you would be watch if you would behave like that.

    I want to interview you.

    By the way how we can know that you are you – if you are anonymous anybody can do the same and say that it is you. You can be compromise by violence of others that would say that they are you.

    I wish you all the best.
    Please don’t ignore me I am people.


  3. This would be great. This is what it takes to get the government to hear the voice of the people.

  4. Brilliant, Anonymous have come a long way, galiant and true, peacefull and determined, I am very proud to be part of

  5. Expect Us!
    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.-The Declaration of Independence: 1776
    (Despotism-abuse of power: cruel and arbitrary use of power)

    • Hi Kristi,
      The Million Mask March events we are aware of right now in Australia are in Melbourne and in Tasmania. The event page for Melbourne says the march will be held at City Square on Swanson St. I don’t see a location set yet for Tasmania, but if you are on Facebook, you can join the events pages for updates: (Tasmania) (Melbourne)
      If we learn of any more events in Australia, we will post them. You are also welcome to start an event in your own city or a nearby city if you cannot make it to those areas. If you are interested in organizing one, please let us know. We’ll keep updating the blog weekly and if you’re on Twitter, please follow us and we’ll post updates there as well. :)

      • Hello
        I live in jordan and i want to be a part of this , but unfortunately i dont think there are any events already organised in any part of the country ! I would be really gratefull if you guys helped me organise one in our capital amman ! We desperately need such events in the middle east .
        I hope i get a response , thank you :))

      • Hi Marwan, you will need to contact your local police or government agency in charge of protests. You may need a permit or to register the event. If the police don’t require that, it’s probably a good idea to let them know you will be holding a peaceful protest that day. You can send us an email at

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  8. “we are all American citizens”

    No we’re not. And I’m pro-taxes if they’re used for social welfare :) Otherwise support from europe!

    • Thank you! That was written back before the event spread worldwide and was just in D.C. Unfortunately, most of the tax money collected here in the U.S. goes to pad the pockets of the elite and pay for wars and other wastefulness the citizens do not approve of. Very little is spent to help the people who really need help (both here and overseas).

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  10. Until the people on this planet stop supporting the system that is destroying humanity and our only home Earth they will just keep going because their god mammon is worth more to them than useless eaters lives (the 99%). This peaceful protest is a good idea although it will not have any effect on the Corporation that runs the country because of it’s shortness of stay. By all means do this, but afterwards go home stop supporting this evil system of total control by people who I believe are psychopaths as they should all the symtoms.

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  12. I want to be involved. Period. Not sure I can get to Washington from Tennessee. But I’m sure there is a group of sorts in my area. I want to be apart. Especially on Nov.5. Please help! Thank-you

  13. I have organized a MMM for November 5 in Bremerton, WA USA. I would like to have it added to the list and map of events so people who do not use Facebook will know about it please

  14. I am considering attending but I am worried about the law in Dc that says it is illegal to wear a mask on public property. Do you think the police will be making arrests just for wearing a mask? Thanks!

  15. The greatest threat to our freedom isn’t corrupt fat cats in the government, but the citizens who sit by and do nothing to stop them.

    • Some people who support the idea of Anonymous also support the Occupy collective or at least some of their ideas. But some people who support the idea of Anonymous also support other groups such as Oathkeepers, Liberty groups or political groups. Each person may have somewhat different views, but we all agree that we want freedom (in real life and online) and not to be subjects of corrupt powers. :)

  16. Myself and some friends learned their will be a Million Mask March demonstration in Madison, WI in which we are interested in attending. This would be my first and therefore I know virtually nothing about it… Do we just show up to the location, that’s it? Should we purchase a mask prior to the demonstration or will they be handing them out? I’d really appreciate any answers and advice/encouragment for an

    • Hi! If you want a mask, you can contact the event host about masks, but probably better to buy one. You can print them out online at too, just use a thicker paper for printing. Yes you can just show up at the location, and if you have any questions about that specific protest, click on the host’s name on the event page and ask that person. Each protest will be a little different probably so that’s the best way. good luck and have fun :)

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  18. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend said movement in two days time. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to and I ask now what can I do to either help or lend support from here in OH?

    • Hi! Well there are some events in Ohio if you can make it to one of them. If not, you can share the info about this march (blog or DC event or any Ohio ones) with your friends. The map link is at the top of the blog.

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