June 12 Update: More Events Worldwide, Radio Show & Pal Talk Room Started


The Million Mask March has now expanded to include more than 30 events. We will be posting weekly updates here with all of the current links we have to Facebook event pages, groups and fan pages. If you don’t see your city or country and would like to, you are free to start your own. You can feel free to contact us about more information for starting an event. You will need to research your city’s protesting laws and find out how to obtain a permit to cover yourself.

Here are the current events we have in Bulgaria:




Australia has been awesomely organizing quite a few events in different cities. Here are the ones they currently have:






Million Mask March Australia (Official Page)

Here are the current events we have links to for all other countries:




Hong Kong

United Kingdom Group




Mexico City

Guatemala City


El Salvador


And here are the events we currently have pages for here in the USA:

Washington D.C. (Official Event)

New Mexico (They also have an open group for discussions)


New Jersey




Citizens Action March on D.C. (sister event)

General Awareness Page

Also, in our search for November 5 events on Google, we ran across Operation Vendetta (#OpVendetta) by Anonymous UK on Facebook, and wanted to give them our support also.

One of our good friends in Canada has been organizing a room on PalTalk for the event. If you have PalTalk or want to join, please visit there and share your ideas. Here is a YouTube video provided to us with more information about that: Click Here

To listen to the recent show that aired via archived data, you can access it by clicking Here

We have been informed that events are probably being organized in Austin, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. Columbus, Ohio is another possibility. To those of you who contacted us through the blog and on Facebook, please keep us updated and send links when you have them so we can post them.

We also have been told that Russia, Spain, Nigeria, Ireland and Sweden will be organizing events. To all of the new event hosts and participants, a big thank you for your hard work and for your help. As always, please feel free to contact us via direct message on Twitter, on the official D.C. event page on Facebook or by commenting on the blog. We will keep you updated on Facebook and Twitter of any more radio shows or other information you’ll want to know. Also, the blog admins here are not hackers and we really aren’t even all that computer savvy, so if you have press inquiries or general questions about Anonymous’ online operations, you will need to find an Anon news page or press releases online.

For my friend and creator of The Axis.  I will finish was what you started Evan Batterton

Also visit MTA James Jenkins Must Troll All official site at www.musttrollallsiteofdoom.com


11 responses to “June 12 Update: More Events Worldwide, Radio Show & Pal Talk Room Started

  1. If that paltalk room was ever open that might help. I guess the person that is suppose to be the room owner is not very reliable. I’d be more than happy to open one myself as I’ve owned a room there for over a year. Perhaps I can start one that’s actually OPEN instead of closed 99 percent of the time. Blessings. :)

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