Million Mask March Update June 29


More Million Mask March events are being organized throughout the world. One of the newest international event locations is Amsterdam. You can follow their webpage by clicking here.

Another new international event location is Dublin. Click here to join their Facebook event page. Brazil is also planning a protesting event. Click here to like their Facebook page.

Another new development we have to share is a rideshare/caravan project being planned in Florida. This is a page where people who live in Florida can work together to get to the main event in Washington D.C. Click here to join the page.

Another MMM follower recently contacted the blog admins and has purchased the .net, .info, .org and .com domains for MillionMaskMarch, so you can go to to see relevant videos and grab links to the main event, Twitter and this blog.

Here are the current events that have been organized:

Events in Bulgaria:




Australia has been awesomely organizing quite a few events in different cities. Here are the ones they currently have:






Million Mask March Australia (Official Page)

Here are the current events we have links to for all other countries:




Hong Kong

United Kingdom Group




Mexico City

Guatemala City


El Salvador



You can connect with Europe’s MMM page here

And here are the events we currently have pages for here in the USA:

Washington D.C. (Official Event)

New Mexico (They also have an open group for discussions)


New Jersey




Citizens Action March on D.C. (sister event)

General Awareness Page

Also, in our search for November 5 events, we ran across Operation Vendetta (#OpVendetta) by Anonymous UK on Facebook, and wanted to give them our support also.

An MMM event organizer in Canada has been organizing a room on PalTalk for march fans or participants. If you have PalTalk or want to join, please visit there and share your ideas. Here is a YouTube video provided to us with more information about that: Click Here

If you want to start your own PalTalk room for this, you are also welcome to do so. If we have several rooms open and monitored by people who frequent PalTalk, that would be great.

To listen to the recent show that aired via archived data, you can access it by clicking Here

Also, Curtis shared a link with us today that may be helpful to those of you looking for rides. Ridester is a site where you can organize and find rideshares. Click here to learn more (thanks, Curtis)!

For those of you who have been following updates for the past several months, we apologize for this sounding repetitive – but for those of you who are new, please remember this is a peaceful and legal event. We are not trying to overthrow or physically harm government officials or organizations. We encourage everyone to get permits for their events to avoid trouble. We’ve had a few people trying to stir up problems already with negative comments on Facebook being reported, and we’re hoping to keep the peaceful message clear so everyone can stay safe.”

For my friend and creator of The Axis.  I will finish was what you started Evan Batterton

Also visit MTA James Jenkins Must Troll All official site at

33 responses to “Million Mask March Update June 29

  1. I just heard about this on Facebook I’ve had a strong feeling of something coming since 7-7-2007. It’s not just governments that oppress there are many oppressive people shattering the lives of others. I have been shattered my whole life. The issue is larger than me. What can I do to help??

    • Hi Angel, you’re absolutely right. You can help by sharing the event(s) with others and if you can, please attend an event near you and bring your friends. If you can’t do that, you are welcome to check with your city about permits and start a protest there where you are. :)

  2. Hello. I live in eastern Pennsylvania. I’d like to organize something but I’m not sure how. Any tips and tricks?

    • The first thing to do is contact your local law enforcement or the police dept in the city you want to organize the protest in. Ask about permits and requirements. If you plan to have loudspeakers or any electrical equipment you should mention that to them also to see if they have additional permit requirements. Also, ask about safety regulations. Some cities also have laws about not wearing masks at protests – but you can always wear them on the back of your head instead if that’s the case. If you want to set up a charity drive or event at your protest, check with the charity you’re interested in for info on doing that. If you just want to do a march to demonstrate, make sure you mention the route to the dept you submit a permit to. In some cases, if the march is a small event, you might not need a permit as long as you stay on public sidewalks and do not obstruct traffic – but better safe than sorry.

  3. Hey guys, do you have any marches or protests coming to the area of Boise, ID?

    I want to protest but I can find one in Southwest Idaho.

  4. Pingback: Anonymous – Operation Vendetta | Hidden Agendas

    • Absolutely not. :) I’m sure over 90% of the people attending are not hackers. You don’t have to support or agree with everything the hackers associated with Anonymous groups do either. We’ve heard that people from Oathkeepers, Anonymous, Occupy, Liberty and other peaceful pro-freedom groups are planning to attend. This is just a peaceful protest for anyone who wants to attend.

    • Nope, anyone who is willing to help keep these events peaceful is welcome to attend. We’ll have people from Oathkeepers, Occupy, Patriot groups, Liberty groups and many others there as well. Many of us (myself included) are not all that computer literate. :)

  5. Any information on the Million mask march in Los Angeles, CA? If so, would like to start promoting the event. Thx ;)

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