Million Mask March Event Map: 150+ Locations And Counting


For the time being until the main event locator map is updated and running again, please use THIS MAP (<—click on the words, not the photo) to find events near you or share with friends who are searching for events. There are over 150 events worldwide. If you have questions about specific events, please click on the link for the event and contact that host. If you have a new event to add to the map, please leave a comment on the FB event page for new events, comment on the blog or send an email to Thanks!


For my friend and creator of The Axis.  I will finish was what you started Evan Batterton

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33 responses to “Million Mask March Event Map: 150+ Locations And Counting

  1. There is no March in Oregon. I personally am not a leader and do not know how to go about organizing one for Oregon. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I highly believe in this a post and share tons of revolutionary messages. I want to be a part of this so bad but I have no money to go to any of these locations in America. And I noticed there is no event up in Alaska, which is where I reside. Is there anyway we can set up an event in Fairbanks??

    • The best place to start is to try to get a permit. Check with your local PD there to see who you need to talk to about it. Let them know it’s peaceful, no alcohol, drugs, etc. If you want music or plan to use loudspeakers, they’ll probably want additional permits and insurance, but a regular march shouldn’t really be a problem. The reason the permits are encouraged is just to help keep the participants safer and also so they don’t get ticketed (I’m sure you heard about the L.A protestors at the recent Syria rally who were corralled and ticketed for jaywalking at an unlawful event). Once you do that, then we suggest setting up a Facebook event page so you can get the word out and people can join it. We’ll tweet the link and post it in the map and on the blog too if you want. If you have any other questions or need help along the process, feel free to email us at

  3. Hey I’m from amarillo texas and I really don’t know how to organize an event or anything but, I would like to do my part in my own city so could you help me out like tell me what public building should I go to. Please get back to me

    • Hi Neil,
      An event was just created this week for Amarillo. If you have Facebook, you can join their event page here:
      It looks like the location is at the Randall County Courthouse. I think the events on FB change times based on geographic location. I’m guessing it’s at 10:00 a.m, but it looks different to me because I’m not in that time zone. Check that page out and you can message the host if you have questions about how you can help. Thanks :)

  4. hi all, just wondering i live in leicester uk can we arrange a protest for there as i have no means of travel i think this is brilliant and i am dissapointed i never found it earlier just hope its not too late to make a diffrence after all

    we are annonymous !!!!

  5. It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be. I’m just planning on heading up to LA at this point, being the date is closing in.

  6. Id like to participate but there isnt one near enough to me for me to reasonably travel on a week day. I am from Liberal KS and the nearest event is in Amarillo. I’m not sure if anyone can help me in any way, but I thought I would put my issue out there just in case someone can.

  7. I live in oklahoma ive been trying to do something for quite some time i wanted to attend the milkionmaskmarch in DC but i amunable to so i would like to knkw if anyone has started or is wiling to start something in oklahoma city its a big place im sure theres plenty of revolutionist like myself. Ive gotten in contact with several peopke but not from here …help?

  8. Um. Sorry my phone isn’t cooperating with the map. Wheres the march to be held in NC? Hopefully close to concord? :D

  9. I have not heard of anything in Fort Wayne, IN. I would like to particiate in this. Are their any marches in the nearby area?

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