New Year’s Eve Message To Activists

New Year’s Eve Message To Activists

The message in this article is definitely everyone can and should think about. Normally we never add any personal stories in this blog along with posts, but this past week I was discussing a relevant issue with a friend. We talked about several important topics happening in the world right now. She kept saying “that will never happen here – they won’t let it.” I asked her who “they” were exactly and what verifiable measures she knew of that were being taken to prevent the same problems here (which actually already exist). The answer was something along the lines of “the people in charge – they make laws to prevent that stuff.” But she couldn’t name any of those people and doesn’t understand the negative repercussions of having so many laws that they contradict one another. That’s definitely part of what’s wrong with the world. People are trusting “them” to take care of everything and have humanity’s best interest in mind, but at the same time, these people are not even sure who “they” are. So, many of us sit by and just hope that someone else will fix everything. And that is something this article addresses – if not us, who will speak up? Really, that is something to think about. Please take the time to read it – it’s well worth every second. Have a safe and happy new year!


If not you, who would continue the fight? Who would stand up and scream into a seeming void of complacency that the struggle must go on, no matter the personal cost? – Justin King

For my friend and creator of The Axis.  I will finish was what you started Evan Batterton

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2 responses to “New Year’s Eve Message To Activists

  1. Your point is well made. The best example I can give – “they” are doing a crappy job – is simple and horrific. When some trusting fool tells me that “they” will take care of a problem, I remind that fool of Ariel Castro. Of all the child slavers who walk around every day in perfect confidence. We have laws against such evil, but laws do not protect anyone. If “they” were willing or able to stop pedophilesand torturers, “they” would have done so long ago. It is up to US. The last bastion against evil is too often a neighbor, teacher, perfect stranger who has the courage to step in and ACT. Yes, courage has a dear cost, but not as foul as the cost of cowardice. Bless. – No One

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