Million Mask Movement Truth Tour


Several truth music artists are working on plans to tour the country to spread their message and the message about the Million Mask Movement. This is one of the many projects we mentioned earlier that will be ongoing, but it is still in the initial planning phase. The people planning it have set up a Facebook page for updates. You can find it by clicking here or by clicking the “MMM Truth Tour” link at the top of the blog. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please post them on the Facebook page or comment on this post. We will post any major updates when they become available. To all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a safe and happy holiday.


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Digital Journal Repost on Jeremy Hammond Sentencing

In the upcoming months, the Million Mask Movement will be working with several other groups to help with various projects, including everything from hosting charity drives and collecting items for the homeless to protesting and bringing important issues to light. It is common for people to disagree on several issues, but whether you claim affiliation with Anonymous, Occupy or any other collective/group – or none of them at all – your efforts are appreciated. These projects and events will be ones that hopefully everyone can agree on and participate in despite their differences of opinion. It’s important for everyone to remember that it isn’t Occupy vs Anonymous, left vs right, race vs another race, etc. We’re all human beings, and we can all benefit from working together, even if it is just to make small changes for the better in our communities. Even a small step can make a big difference one way or another in the future. There are and always will be people working against positive change, so it is important to be aware of that and avoid them. In a future post, we will cover in more detail what to look for to identify infiltrators and other people who may be trying to cause harm instead of good.

We will be posting in here more often than we did before the march on the 5th. Our goal is to share information with you about many different important issues you can focus on both worldwide and in your communities. One of the most recent issues, which most of you have read about already, is Jeremy Hammond’s sentencing. He was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison last week. This details of this case and why it turned out the way it did should raise everyone’s eyebrows, and it is definitely worth the read. Please read this op-ed from Digital Journal for more information. If you aren’t following our blog yet, you can click on the follow button on the right (if you use WordPress) or subscribe to receive notifications of new posts via email.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let us know.


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Pre-March Update: Million Mask March TOMORROW!


(awesome photo art created by and courtesy of John N.)

Who’s ready? :) With only one day left until November 5th, there are several bits of information we wanted to share with all of you, and there are a few issues to address. If you do not know your protesting rights, please read up on them. The ACLU has plenty of good information for U.S. residents as well as state-specific information. If you find yourself being wrongfully arrested (if you live in the U.S.), it is important to know your rights and who you can call for help. We are not familiar with all the foreign protesting laws, so please ask the event host in the city where you are planning to attend if you are unsure.

As we all protest, let’s also remember the Anons, hacktivists, activists and ordinary citizens who have been put in prison or are facing the possibility of it for the information they are being accused of obtaining and sharing. You can learn the names and info about the activists/hacktivists who are in prison or indicted by visiting It would be nice if people in every group could make a few signs or posters for these individuals (or others you may know locally too).

There have been quite a few rumors spread about the original event in Washington D.C. (for Washington Memorial proceeding to Lafayette Park) lately from some media sources. Just to clarify, the original event is in no way affiliated with the millionmaskmarch(dot)org site or the sites it promotes and is affiliated with, nor the people running the site and their separate event.

With that being said, there is also some disinformation being spread by some media sources stating that the Citizens Action event for Anonymous Occupy the White House had plans to attempt citizens’ arrests of officials. THIS IS NOT TRUE. There is a blog online that is in no way affiliated with the original Million Mask March or AOTWH’s event on the same day. AOTWH’s event was also called Citizens Action, but it is not the same event and nobody seems to know who created the rogue event or why they also used that name. AOTWH has changed the name of their event to avoid confusion and an admin said that the unknown wordpress blog bearing the Citizens Action name had no affiliation with them. AOTWH also supports the 100% peaceful goals of the original Million Mask March, which does NOT advocate citizens’ arrests, intimidation or violence of any kind against citizens or government officials.

This march has many messages, all pertaining to important issues. However, the goal is NOT to cause chaos.

We hope this clears up any disinformation that is going around.

Also, Giovanni B. wrote an excellent speech, and John F. added some edits, that several organizers will be reading at their events. You can find the text of it in this pastebin document. (Thanks guys, and fantastic job).

Event hosts, if you have any changes to be made to your information bubbles on the map regarding time and location, please send them to We have several new events added since the last blog post. Quite a few of them are evening events, so if you can’t make it to a morning event in your city, check to see if there is also an evening one. Here are the newest events (and you can also find them on the map):

Columbia, SC:
Martinsburg, WV:
Augusta, ME:
Fishkill, NY:
Albany, NY:
East Hampton, NY (evening):
Memphis, TN:
Pahrump, NV:
Pierre, SD:
Modesto, CA:
Waverly, IA: Koleman Park, 6:00 p.m.

Marsille (2):
Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, France:

Brussels, Belgium (evening):
Vilnius, Lithuania:
Manipal, India:
Calicut, India:
Palermo, Italy:
Yerevan, Armenia:
Belgrade, Serbia:
Campo Grande, Brazil:
Regina, Saskatchewan:
Campbell River, British Columbia:
Ottawa, Ontario (evening):
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Hague):
Ridderstraat, Netherlands:  /
Skopje, Macedonia:
Kragujevac, Serbia:
Sarajevo, Bosnia:
Kochi, India:
Ljubljana, Slovenia:
Kabul, Afghanistan:
Barcelona, Spain: (pastebin)
Rome, Italy (evening):
Porto, Portugal:


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Million Mask March Updates: Contest Winner, New Events & Press Releases


First of all, we would like to thank everyone who submitted answers for the mask contest. Between Twitter, Facebook, email and this blog, there were quite a few excellent answers to consider. The volunteers said they had a difficult time deciding because there were so many excellent answers, so thank you all. They agreed on a short but sweet answer as the winner, which was submitted by Virgil.

What does freedom mean to me? Voluntary Consent in all aspects of life. Nothing forced, especially enforced by the barrel of a gun.

For all of you who have organized or are organizing events in your cities and want to contact the media, one of our participants wrote two press release templates that you are free to use. You can find the link at the top of the blog or click here. One is a general release, and the other is the same information but with fields you can fill in with your individual event’s details.

We have now reached 400 events worldwide. Since there are SO many new events, we will include a list of them with the links. There are still some duplicate events out there, so if you find two events for a city you’re searching, please contact the hosts of those events to find out what is going on. Some events and info bubbles on the map do not have event page links because the hosts chose not to use them. Here are the latest events since the last list:

Fort Myers, FL:
Lake Worth, FL:
Tampa, FL (updated link):
Tampa, FL (2):
Melbourne, FL: no event page – 900 E Strawbridge Ave, time TBD later (see map)
Naples, FL:
Paterson, NJ:
Eugene, OR:
Nashville, TN:
Fort Worth, TX:
College Station, TX:
Toledo, OH:
Indianapolis, IN:
Pittsburgh, PA:
Philadelphia, PA:
Richmond, VA:
Annapolis, MD:
Baltimore, MD:
Montpelier, VT:
Dover, DE:
Plattsburgh, NY:
New York, NY (3):
Buffalo, NY:
Buffalo, NY (Erie):
Louisville, KY:
Berea, KY:
Little Rock, AR:
Hot Springs, AR:
Juneau, AK:
Rock Hill, SC:
Kannapolis, NC:
Charlotte, NC:
Minneapolis, MN:
Peoria, IL: no event page – 8:00 a.m. outside of Federal Building
Concord, NH:
Mammoth Lakes, CA:
Humboldt, CA (evening):
Tulare, CA:
Buena Park, CA:
Clintonville, WI:
Chippewa Falls, WI:
Saginaw, MI:
South Carolina (no location):
Lake Havasu City, AZ:
Cheyenne, WY:
Kearney, NE:
McPherson, KS:

Fossil Bluff, Antarctica:
Trivandrum, India:
Antalya, Turkey:
Izmir, Turkey:
Istanbul, Turkey:
Ankara, Turkey:
Bahia Salvador, Brazil:
Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil:
Boca Maldita, Sao Paulo, Brazil:
Cluj Napoca, Romania:
Tallinn, Estonia:
Brighton, UK:
Aberdeen, UK:
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia:
Koszalin, Poland:
Zielona Gora, Poland:
Rzeszow, Poland:
Białymstoku, Poland:
Szczecin, Poland:
Kielce, Poland:
Gdansk, Poland:
Lublin, Poland:
Kristiansand, Norway:
Molde, Norway:
Nuremberg, Germany:
Islamabad, Pakistan:
Jakarta, Indonesia:
Moncton, New Brunswick:
Montreal, Quebec:
Taiwan: add to map
Hobart, Tasmania:


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Million Mask March USA Twitter Prize Giveaway Update


The official Million Mask March Twitter account (@MillionMaskMarc) has exceeded 5,000 followers thanks to the help of @Activate_CT and so many great volunteers/participants promoting it to spread the word. As we promised we would do after reaching the 5K mark, we are releasing a photo of the prize we plan to give away when the Twitter account reaches 10,000. We are now at about 8,800, so please tell your friends to follow the account. Once we get to 10,000, we will start accepting answers for our contest question. Please remember that due to international mailing difficulties and restrictions, we are limiting this contest to our US followers. A big THANK YOU (!!!!) to the talented mask artist Terra S. who designed and painted this awesome mask to contribute to the giveaway! You can click on her name if you want to inquire about her other mask designs.

Once we reach 10,000 followers, we will post the full details about the contest. Please share this post and follow us on Twitter if you’re not already. And if you haven’t seen it, please check out and share the recent post today from RT America about the Million Mask March.


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Latest Worldwide Event Links


Just a quick update for those of you who have been asking for links to all the latest events. Here they are:


MMM Transport Indiegogo Project:
Syracuse, NY (no link): James M Hanley Federal Building 100 S Clinton St Syracuse NY 13261 9am Tues Nov 5 2013
Kansas City, MO:  (separate event)
Bowling Green, KY:
Lexington, KY:
Allentwon, PA:
Eagle Pass, TX:
Montgomery, TX:
Zapata, TX:
Del Rio, TX:
Brownsville, TX:
Presidio, TX:
East Texas (Tyler):
Calexico, CA:
Springfield, IL (2):
Wichita, KS:
Baton Rouge, LA:
Lakeworth, FL:
West Palm Beach, FL:
Lafayette, IN:
Portland, OR:
Nogales, AZ:
Naco, AZ:
Douglas, AZ:
Santa Fe, NM:
Las Cruces, NM:
Missoula, MT:
Lansing, MI:
Detroit, MI:
Ann Arbor, MI:!/events/694777357216577/
Grand Rapids, MI:
Charleston, WV:
Morgantown, WV:
Salt Lake City, UT:
Fayetville, NC:
Greensboro, NC:
Lexington, NC:
Savannah, GA:
Jacksonville, FL:
Tallahassee, FL:
Steamboat Springs, CO:
Columbus, NM:
Anchorage, AK:

Piedras Negras, Mexico:
Ojinaga, Mexico:
Tijuana, Mexico:
Nogales, Mexico:
Monterey, Mexico:
Naco, Mexico:
Puerto Palomas, Mexico:
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico:
Juarez, Mexico:
Mexicali, Mexico:
Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico:
Ciudad Acuna, Mexico:

Victoria, British Columbia:
Auckland, New Zealand:
Christchurch, New Zealand:
Krakow, Poland:
Czestochowa, Poland:
Dhaka, Bangladesh:
Semarang, Indonesia:
Cape Town, South Africa:
Belfast, UK (2):
Liverpool, UK:
Yorkshire, UK:
Manchester, UK:
Copenhagen, Denmark:
Gothenburg, Sweden:
Thessaloniki, Greece:
Athens, Greece:
Zagreb, Croatia:
Helsinki, Finland:
Tikkurila, Finland:
Winnipeg, Manitoba:
Kelowna, British Columbia:
Windsor, Ontario:
Timmins, Ontario:
Kingston, Ontario:
Nuuk, Greenland:
Reykjavik, Iceland:
Berlin, Germany (#OpVendetta event):
Sfax, Tunisia:


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Million Mask March USA Merchandise GIVEAWAY Announcement & Latest Event Updates


Back in April, the Million Mask March was just an idea that John Fairhurst decided to make a reality. He immediately starting investing all of his time and his own funds into spreading the word about it. Enthusiasm about this event seems to be contagious, and many others have also donated their own time and money to promote the event. People have dug out of their own pockets without a second thought to have posters and flyers made. We have had journalists volunteer to write press releases and articles to reach the media, tirelessly spending hours corresponding with their contacts. We have a courageous young man walking across the country and promoting the event. We have another young lady who bought an RV to drive around as a moving advertisement by having it custom painted to promote the march. All of your voluntary contributions to help spread the word are greatly appreciated by everyone, no matter how large or small.

Since its creation, the Million Mask March has grown to over 220 events worldwide, which goes to show the power of sharing a good idea. This phenomenal growth would not have been possible without the collaboration of great supporting ideas from all of you and your help in spreading the word. So, we want to present you with another challenge. But this one, if successful, will come with a prize for one of our lucky U.S. participants. We are announcing a giveaway that will be based on Twitter followers. We recently realized that despite its limitations, Twitter has been an excellent tool for spreading the message even further. You can help us do that by following us, retweeting our tweets and asking your friends to follow us (we follow back!) for a chance to win a special Million Mask March/Anonymous-inspired prize that any of you would probably love. Just visit our page in the near future or watch for tweets related to the contest. Here’s how it will work:

  • When we reach 5,000 followers, we will announce what the mystery prize is.
  • When we reach 10,000 followers, we will open the contest.
  • After we reach 10,000 followers, the contest guidelines will be posted, but all you have to do to qualify will be (at that time, not now) submit a short blurb about what freedom means to you.

Since this is not something we can mail easily to every country, the contest will be for U.S. participants. For our marchers and organizers in foreign countries, please feel free to do your own giveaways also if you want to spread the message. If you need help promoting them, please leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to help you get the word about your contests out.

In other news, we recently learned that CNN contacted John Fairhurst to tell him that they will be airing Justin King’s story he recently submitted to ireport. The Denver iJournal and CBS Local in D.C. also wrote stories, but the CNN one has been the most accurate and inspiring yet. We will keep you updated as to when the story is put on air.

We have quite a few new events to list. There are several places people have expressed interest in seeing on the map, and we will link some relevant pages to each one where you might go and post if you are interested in seeing or organizing an event in that state or country.

West Virginia

South Carolina



South Korea

Baltic States


Here is the list of new events this week, and they are all listed on the map as well (you can find a link to the map on the top navigation bar of this page).


Dallas, TX:
San Angelo, TX:
Abilene, TX:
Midland, TX:
Odessa, TX:
Amarillo, TX:
Wichita Falls, TX:
Lubbock, TX:
Texarkana, TX:
Nacogdoches, TX:
Corpus Christi, TX:
McAllen, TX:
Rio Grande City, TX:
Roma, TX:
Laredo, TX:
Ventura, CA:
San Francisco, CA:
Reno, NV:
Hollywood, FL:
Salem, OR:

Reynosa, Mexico:
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico:
Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, Mexico:
Camargo (Tamaulipas), Mexico:
Miguel Aleman (Tamaulipas), Mexico:

Oslo, Norway:
Vienna, Austria:
OpVendetta London:
Caracas, Venezuela:
Poznan, Poland:
Baybay, Leyte, Philippines:

As always, if we missed anyone’s event or you don’t see your pin on the map, please email us a link to information about your event (Facebook, G+, website, etc), and we will put it on the map. The email address to send it to is, or you can leave a comment on the blog.

And to all our U.S. participants for the merchandise giveaway, start telling your friends to follow us on Twitter so we can get this contest rolling before the 5th arrives! And if we get to 20,000 followers before the 5th, we’ll give out an additional prize, so go go go!

(photo credit:

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